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Trust us to house your perishable products

Are you running out of space in your walk-in cooler? Arctic Cold Storage is the facility to trust when you need extra freezer space. We take pride in being your smart choice for organized and secure storage.
Start storing your items at Arctic Cold Storage as soon as possible.

Your reliable cold storage facility since 1990

Arctic Cold Storage was established as a local distributor to bars, theaters and other companies. Eventually, we decided to grow the cold storage side of our business and become the go-to cold storage facility in the St. Cloud, MN area.
Choose Arctic Cold Storage for:

Freezer storage
Cooler storage

Blast freezing

Independent food safety audits

Case picking

We use a state-of-the-art warehouse management system to track your products. We're committed to always improving the efficiency of our space.
Enjoy additional room in your cooler. Contact Arctic Cold Storage right away for more information about our warehouse.

House your goods in our 250,000-square-foot facility

If you've been searching for the perfect storage facility, look no further than Arctic Cold Storage. Our facility consists of thirty-eight separate shipping and receiving docks, two different blast freezers and several racking systems.

Our space can be converted into a freezer or cooler, allowing us to adapt to your needs.

When you need extra room in your freezer, turn to Arctic Cold Storage. Call 320-253-9979 now with questions about our facility.